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New Allen Ad on Energy

The Allen campaign has launched a new ad on energy issues.

Entitled “Must,” the ad features Marnee Robinson, owner of Marnee’s Cookies of Bath, as well as Yankee Pride Transport owner Larry Sidelinger of Damariscotta talking about the need for change and bold solutions to our nation’s energy crisis.

In other news, Susan Collins has her own paid cheering section.

Baldacci Announces Energy Strategy

Governer Baldacci released a detailed plan today on how Maine's government will begin to deal with the current energy crisis. Among other efforts, the plan:

• Dedicates $4.25 million to increase the LIHEAP benefit to $500 per eligible household. The current benefit is estimated at $415.

• Creates a $3.25 million emergency fund in January to help families who either participate in LIHEAP or are slightly above the entitlement threshold in the event of a fuel oil emergency.

• Increases weatherization funding by $2 million, expanding our current program by about 500 homes. The new funding supplements an anticipated $6.5 million in weatherization funding, which will improve another 1,500 homes. Typical weatherization improvements can reduce fuel use by 20 percent.

• Invests an additional $1 million to clean, tune and repair the furnaces in an estimated 1,500 additional homes that are LIHEAP eligible. Typical CTEs can reduce fuel use by 10 percent.

• Reserves $1 million of available funding in the Economic Recovery Loan Program at the Finance Authority of Maine for eligible energy conservation projects for businesses in the State.

• Reprograms $1.01 million within the Department of Transportation to increase utilization of the GoMaine program, extends the Free Fare Fridays promotion, studies the State’s Park & Ride network and improves access to rail services.

• Utilizes $75,000 to provide energy saving recommendations and program contact information to low-income Maine household.

• Distributes 2,000 Keep ME Warm Kits through MaineHousing.