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Eli Pariser

Big Talk: Eli Pariser

This week on Big Talk, hosts Suzanne Murphy and Al Brewer have a discussion with Eli Pariser about his new book The Filter Bubble: what the Internet is hiding from you.

Eli Pariser is an online organizer and disorganizer, the former Executive Director of MoveOn and now the board president.

Shortly after the September 11th terror attacks, Eli created a website calling for a multilateral approach to fighting terrorism. In the following weeks, over half a million people from 192 countries signed on, and Eli rather unexpectedly became an online organizer.

The website merged with MoveOn.org in November of 2001, and Eli - then 20 years old - joined the group to direct its foreign policy campaigns. He led what the New York Times Magazine called the “mainstream arm of the peace movement” - tripling MoveOn’s member base in the process, demonstrating for the first time that large numbers of small donations could be mobilized through online engagement, and developing many of the practices that are now standard in the field of online organizing.

Eli grew up in Lincolnville, Maine. You can watch his TED talk here.

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