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Dirigo Blue


Andi at Dirigo Blue notices some differences between Governor LePage's public statements on the recently-passed budget and his own office's press release on the subject.

Big Talk: Statehouse Stuff

This week on Big Talk, there was a lot to talk about. Hosts Al Brewer and Suzanne Murphy were joined by myself and Gerald Weinand of Dirigo Blue to discuss legislation that has just passed or is currently under consideration in Augusta.

Things are going very quickly in the Capitol at the moment and laws on everything from voting rights to abortion to the environment to workers' rights are all being voted up or down in the two chambers.

We also spent some time discussing the First District Court's redistricting ruling.

Also last night - it looks like the Appropriations Committee has reached a compromise on the biennial budget, although full details are not yet available. It now faces votes in the House and Senate, with a two thirds majority in each required for passage.

Download the episode here or subscribe to the Big Talk podcast here.

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Fallout Continues from LePage's "Beards" Remark

Paul LePage's strange remarks about why he doesn't support banning the toxic chemical bisphenol-A and his joke that it causes women to grow "little beards" have continued to spread far and wide today, as I discuss at Down East.

The Maine Women's Lobby has set up a handy tool if you'd like to send a message to LePage expressing an opinion about his statement.

Also, Dirigo Blue notes that the state's web page on BPA facts has undergone some recent changes.

Email Exposes Plans for Political Payback

Over at Dirigo Blue, the ever diligent Gerald Weinand secured a leaked memo from Governor Lepage's Communications Director, Dan Demeritt. The memo contains many illegal and/or unseemly comments.

The most controversial line from Dan’s email is this one: "Once we take office, Paul will put 11,000 bureaucrats to work getting Republicans elected." Ooof. 

This comment is obviously wrong for many reasons. First, it is illegal for state employees to be engaged in partisan activities during their work day. Nor is it legal to intimidate or coerce state employees into supporting a candidate or Party. The comment also is a smack in the face to state employees, as if to say they will be pawns for the new administration. Why on earth would Demeritt and LePage think for one second that state employees would support the administration – the same people that want to send 2,000 of them to the unemployment line?

Dan Demeritt has told the press his comments are not what they seem. His arguments are too bogus to repeat here. Read more »


I don't know why Paul LePage continues to state, and thinks he can get away with, weird little lies like this one.

Mitchell's Acceptance Speech

Some great footage from Dirigo Blue: