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Dawn Hill

McGowan In, Hill Out

Pat McGowan resigned from his job as Maine's Conservation Commissioner today to seek the Democratic nomination for governor. McGowan, shown here not crashing his plane, is a former state representative and ran for Congress in the second district in 1990 and 1992, offering a tough challenge to then-Representative Olympia Snowe.

With many of the other Gubernatorial candidates hailing from southern Maine, McGowan's support in the second District may be a significant advantage. He plans to make his first campaign announcement tomorrow at 7am in Fort Kent.

State Rep. Dawn Hill, who was considered to be in the bottom tier of Democratic gubernatorial candidates and who hadn't seemed to be doing much campaigning, dropped out of the race on Thursday, citing an increasingly competitive Democratic field.

Hill plans to seek the Distict 1 State Senate seat, which is apparently being vacated by two-term incumbent Democrat Peter Bowman. District 1 was supposed to be a very competitive race last year, with Bowman facing off against former Republican Senator Mary Black Andrews, but Bowman ended up winning by a wide margin.

Poll Shows Mitchell Ahead

Elizabeth Mitchell's campaign has released a poll showing the Maine Senate President trouncing three potential Democratic opponents in the June 2010 primary election.

When asked who they would vote for if the election were held tomorrow between Mitchell, Steve Rowe, Patrick McGowan and Dawn Hill, 37% chose Mitchell, 20% Rowe, 10% McGowan, and 3% Hill.

In a head-to-head match up, Mitchell beats Rowe 46% to 24%.

According to campaign volunteer Jodi Quintero, the poll is independent and was conducted before Mitchell entered the race by research firm Kiley and Company. Mitchell was then approached by the firm and chose to purchase certain questions from the survey for release.

The firm interviewed 301 Maine Democratic Primary voters (a relatively small sample size) on July 21-22, 2009. No other methodological information is given. Rosa Scarcelli, John Richardson and other current and potential Democratic candidates were not included in the poll.

Daily Kos/Research 2000 also released a Maine poll today showing every Democratic candidate polled beating every Republican, except for a match up between Steve Rowe and Les Otten, where Otten edges Rowe by 1%.

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Two More Blaine House Hopefuls

The 2010 gubernatorial field is quickly getting crowded. Today, Dawn Hill, a second-term state Representative from York jumped into the race for the Democratic nomination. Hill is a lawyer and owns a dog daycare center called "It's a Dog's World".

Yesterday, Les Otten, a businessman whose most recent venture is Maine Energy Systems in Bethel and whom MaineBiz described as "one of Maine's most admired and reviled entrepreneurs" announced that he will take steps to form an exploratory committee early next week. He will likely seek the Republican nomination.

Someone is currently in the process of building a campaign site for Otten. Visiting www.lesotten.com/test and hitting "cancel" a few times brings up a page with the title "Les Otten for Governor" along with some malformed code and the phrase "It's imperative that the center of the Earth is re-conquored [sic] from the Decepticons, as soon as possible. The fate of the universe is in our hands." I really hope that's part of his official campaign platform.

Update: The page has been removed from public view and Otten's web firm has issued a clarification.