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David Flanagan

How Maine Really Ranks in School ‘Achievement’

For the past few years, as pressures on Maine’s education budgets have increased, some members of the state business community have pushed back with a claim that student achievement in Maine schools now lags national averages.

The case, in brief, is that Maine schools are not only expensive but also substandard and therefore ripe for radical reorganization guided by hard-nosed tools from the private sector.

David Flanagan, the former CEO of Central Maine Power, raised this alarm while addressing the Portland Chamber of Commerce last February and amplified it ten days later in a Press Herald Op-Ed.

During his campaign, Paul LePage picked up the theme, telling the Waterville Rotary in August that "...currently in the State of Maine, we are in the top third in spending and in the bottom third in results. We need to flip-flop that."

Most recently the same analysis found root on the web in a satire page which identified Maine for distinction as “the dumbest state.” Read more »