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Dave Miramant

Senate District 22

WCSH takes a look at a race that may decide control of the state senate.

PolitickerME ranks SD 22 as one of three toss-up senate races. The others are SD 1 and SD 15.

Speaking of district 15, I almost missed this mention in the Sun Journal last week:

Jeers to Sen. Lois Snowe-Mello, for backtracking on her statements about the state's Animal Welfare Office and blaming the Sun Journal for "distorting" her views. Sen. Snowe-Mello made her comments to Mike Tipping, who writes the Mainepolitics.net blog, about her quotes in a Sept. 14, 2007, article about an animal meeting in Lewiston.

At that time, the senator was quoted as comparing the Animal Welfare Office with the "Gestapo" and that she was "afraid" of what it was doing. In talking to Tipping, Snowe-Mello said she was repeating words from somebody else.

We stand by our story. Snowe-Mello should stand by her statements.