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Republicans for DeCoster, LePage for Creationism

Ever wonder how Jack DeCoster, Maine's infamous egg magnate, has gotten away with it after all these years? One reason is that regardless of what he does -- triggers the largest egg recall in history, gets investigated for cruelty to his birds, gets fined for virtually imprisoning his Latino workers, falsifies trucking records, leaves mounds of dead chickens out in the open and won't bury them until sued -- he always seems to find friends willing to help him out.

Case in point: this week Maine legislators are considering a bill to do DeCoster a favor by depriving his workers of the minimum wage, overtime, and collective bargaining rights. Read the whats, whos, and whys in my piece in the new Portland Phoenix, which dropped today. (Also, check out Steve Mistler's earlier Sun Journal coverage of the bill's hearing.)

And, for your moment of Zen, here's a recent video of Gov. Paul LePage telling a conference of homeschoolers that he favors teaching creationism in Maine's public schools because "knowledge is power."

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Governor LePage: Fiscal Liberal, Social Activist

Having politicked fervently on the twin themes of tightened public money and tighter public accountability, Governor LePage appeared to suffer full concurrent reversals on both principles while addressing a convention of Maine home-schoolers two weeks ago in Rockport.

(Full video and transcript here)

"We need to find ways to allow home-schoolers to take more advantage of public resources ...And I understand that there's a fear from the home-schooling community that, if you do, old Government’s going to get on top of you. Well, I don't believe that that - necessarily - has to be the way. If we formulate how it's going to be done - then we can get our cake and eat it."

Perhaps giddy from the sudden conversion to liberalism, LePage went on to suggest that the state would then augment the taxpayer largess with a new program of laissez-faire home-school college degrees. Read more »