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Political Adeptness

Al Diamon on Chellie Pingree:

"The fact that she wasn't smart enough to avoid the appearance of not only conflict of interest but more importantly of being a flaming hypocrite is a real strong indication that she's not as politically adept as we all thought she was."

Lobster Marriage

Chellie Pingree was on the Colbert Report last night, appearing on his "Better Know a District" segment.

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I think she came off pretty well, compared to some others who have done the segment.

Pingree Ad: "Vision"

Chellie Pingree debuts a new TV ad showcasing her clean sweep of major newspaper endorsements:

Summers Goes Negative

It appears that Charlie Summers' closing argument in the CD1 race will be an attack on Pingree's tax policies.

Should make today's debate a bit more interesting. Tune in here at noon to watch live.

Pingree Ad: "Opportunity"

Chellie Pingree strikes a populist, bipartisan tone in her second ad of the general election.

Summers TV Ad

Charlie Summers has his first TV ad of the general election up on his website today. It's a bio spot, but also criticizes the bailout bill.

"Politicians give Wall Street nearly a trillion dollars, while we work hard and play by the rules just to make ends meet," says Summers in the ad.

Both Summers and Pingree have opposed the bailout, even after it was revised and passed in both the House and Senate on bipartisan votes.

The ad was produced by Stevens Reed Curcio and Potholm, the same firm that created the notorious swift boat attack ads in 2004.

Press Herald CD1 Endorsement Interview Video

The Press Herald has also posted three clips from an interview with the first district congressional candidates. Here they discuss health care:

Click read more to see the other clips. Read more »

Pingree Ad: "Squeeze"

Chellie Pingree is on the air with her first TV ad of the general election:

CD1 Sustainability Debate

CD1 candidates Chellie Pingree and Charlie Summers squared off in a debate on "Sustainability in Maine" over the weekend. The Press Herald has some highlights. I haven't found full video of the debate, but here's a clip:

Hopefully the candidates were more well-spoken throughout the rest of the debate. In this clip Pingree makes up a word ("crisises") and Summers takes us on a Palinesque ramble.

Pingree on Labor Day

Chellie Pingree says she can't remember her opponent's name, but has a few things to say about his record in this clip from the Maine AFL-CIO blog.