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Bruce Bickford

New Representative Will Resign from Auburn Council

In this week's Twin City Times, Auburn city manager Glenn Aho recommends, based on his interpretation of the city charter, that newly elected District 70 state representative Bruce Bickford resign from his position as an Auburn city councilor. The article did not state whether Bickford agreed with this interpretation.

I got an email from Bickford today in response to my question on the subject:

I am aware that the city charter as approved by the voters in 2005 and effective July 2006 states in section 2.9 "except where authorized by law. no Councilor shall hold any other elected public office during the term for which the Councilor was elected." I checked with the state and there is no law prohibiting this and there is also no law specifically stating that it is okay. I have asked for an interpretation for the city Manager and our legal advisors. The basic interpretation is that this was put in the charter for the specific purpose of keeping the Council focus on local issues. I will tender my resignation to the City council on Monday evening Nov. 17th to be effective on Dec. 3 at which time I will be sworn in as a State Representative for District 70 which includes a portion of Auburn and Lewiston. I intend to follow the Council's interpretation and recommendation on Monday evening.

Bickford was one of only two Republicans to win a seat where the Democrat was favored in the PolitickerME rankings. His resignation will lead to a special election in Ward 4.