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Maine Politics 101

The Bangor Daily News editorial board doesn't seem to understand how citizen-initiated referenda work.

Really Low Turnout

Notice anything wrong with this bit from a story on Question 2 in the Bangor Daily News Today?

Some of the hard feelings here are due to the defeat of an effort last year to build a tribal racetrack casino on a 700-acre site in Calais.

The Passamaquoddy Tribe’s was narrowly defeated 6,193 to 5,949 statewide. The town of Oxford voted 323-306 against the tribe.

The casino referendum was opposed 6,193 to 5,949 in Oxford County. It lost statewide by almost 12,000 votes, 142,458 to 130,164.

Democrats, Unenrolled Increase, Republicans Decrease

The Bangor Daily News has new state registration numbers by party, and things look good for Democrats, with Democratic registration increasing by 3%, unenerolled registration increasing by 1%, and Republican registration decreasing by 2%.

These numbers are small compared to the Democratic registration increases in other states, like Virginia, where the Obama campaign has concentrated more resources on voter registration. Of course, Maine has always had high registration and turnout compared to the rest of the country.

Another bit of news: the Secretary of State's Office is preparing for 40% of the votes this year to be submitted by absentee ballot.

John Frary: Not Funny

The Bangor Daily News takes a look at the campaign of 2nd district Republican candidate John Frary and finds it "a confused message at best, and a vain attempt at comedy at worst."

Prof. Frary’s candidacy is not asking whether Rep. Michaud represents the 2nd District well. Instead, that candidacy stands as an indictment of the state Republican party.