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PolitickerME Picking Up The Slack

The website PolitickerME has been a recent bright spot on a local political journalism landscape marred by cutbacks and superficial coverage.

Today, reporter-blogger Jessica Alaimo has upped the ante even further, uploading a series of articles and videos on the politics of Aroostook County as well as a "power list" of influential, unelected figures in Maine.

The feature on The County is a great read. I've worked on health care and social security campaigns across northern Maine and I've always found Aroostook politics to be fascinating. The St. John Valley has the highest Democratic registration in the state, and one of the highest in the country (95% in some places), while Houlton holds the distinction of being the most Republican town in Maine.

The power list is interesting as well, and I'd love to see the rubric they used to determine the order. They should probably fix the spelling on Betsy Sweet's first name, though. One wouldn't want to offend the 20th most powerful unelected person in Maine.