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Anne Ravana

Beware Zombie Heath

Michael Heath, the fiery anti-gay crusader who has led the far-right Maine Christian Civic League for fifteen years, has resigned. Notice of his departure comes just 45 days away from the statewide referendum on same-sex marriage, the right Heath has most doggedly opposed.

An announcement posted on the League's website (whose writer seems to have forgotten the organization's recent attempt to change its name and image) says that Heath will now be working as a "private consultant." Heath has told the press that he plans to spend time "teaching solar cooking to needy Africans."

While Heath's resignation and exile has provoked jubilation from the blogosphere and the twitterverse, MPBN reporter Anne Ravana has a historical warning:

This is the third time Heath has offered or announced his resignation from the organization. In 1998, after the League faced a severe drop in donations and an internal dispute over financial records, Heath announced he'd be departing for a job in Washington D.C., which never panned out.

In 2005 Heath wrote that he sensed the Catholic Bishop of Portland felt his leadership was hurting the fight against the gay rights movement. Heath offered to resign, but ended up staying on board.

That's right, much like the legions of the undead, Heath has risen again and again from what seem like career-killing blows. So watch out. He may yet be back to devour your brains and/or civil rights.