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Pajak Sacked for Offensive Forum Posts

Earlier this week, Republican operative Michael Pajak was hired as a deputy commissioner in the Department of Conservation by commissioner Bill Beardsley. Pajak served as Beardsley's campaign manager during his recent attempt at the GOP gubernatorial nomination.

Evidence posted in October at the blog AsMaineGoesLolz had suggested that Pajak was the man behind an online identity on the conservative-leaning As Maine Goes message board called The Distributist and that he had written a series of offensive and hateful forum posts using the pseudonym, often targeting gays and Muslims. At the time, I interviewed Pajak about the posts for a piece at Down East and he pointedly declined to deny having written them.

On Friday, soon after MPBN reporter Susan Sharon started asking questions about Pajak's online activities, it was announced that Pajak would no longer be filling the position.

I have a post on all this that will be up soon at Down East.

There's also a thread going on AMG that should provide for some enjoyable reading. I see I've already been compared to the Puritans and the Khmer Rouge,

Should Maine's Whiter Schools Do Better?

Recently, detractors of public schooling are executing this most provocative reverse-gainer:

“Okay, we concede that Maine may actually rank in the top third nationally in test scores. But the scores elsewhere are pulled down substantially by blacks and Hispanics. Maine has hardly any blacks. If you compare Maine against only the white scores in other states, Maine is consistently substandard. This proves Maine schools are failing.”

It’s unlikely to find this in print. But it did just appear explicitly on the conservative AsMaineGoes web forum. I’ve also heard it furtively whispered a few times around the state complex in Augusta.

For those prone to bananas-to-bananas comparisons, there is an alluring symmetry to the surface logic. Let’s toss out all those troublesome minorities and let our white guys compete against their white guys and, for once, we’ll have a fair measure on a level playing field. Read more »

Jarody Update

It's nice to see this blog finally recognized as the internet's leading repository of information on Jarody, the unlovable loser.

AsMaineGoesLolz has an update on the Republican legislative candidate.

Internet Justice

Bravo, ASMAINEGOESLOLZ. You know you've honed your internet snark to a fine point when Libertarian politician Mark T. Cenci puts a $200 bounty on your head.

For the Lolz

If you value the rampant unintentional comedy of of the conservative message board As Maine Goes but hate wading through page after page of right-wing scribblings, you're in luck.

The anonymous author of a new site, AsMaineGoeslolz, promises to highlight the most hilarious posts and posters from the online echo chamber.

Features of the site so far include notes on some especially crazy threads, profiles of prominent posters and a hall of fame, so far inhabited only by Ray Richardson.

via Gerald

A John Richardson Fan Site?

AMG poster Average Joe has found a "John Richardson for Governor" mock-up website.

Richardson, the current Commissioner for the Department of Economic and Community Development, is considered likely to enter the race for the 2010 Democratic gubernatorial nomination, but this site doesn't feel like an official campaign creation.

The design of the site is amateurish and it's hosted at www.frankandsid.com, a vanity site created for two dogs. The domain is registered anonymously and there's no evidence I can find pointing towards who owns the site, or the animals.

I Knew It!

Mainetoday.com has a story up written by Betty Adams at the Kennebec Journal about how the bookkeeper for the Maine GOP has been indicted for embezzling almost $50,000 from the state party over a period of three years.

The article notes that a statement from Republican Party Chairman Charlie Webster and former chairman Mark Ellis is available "on the Republican Party website" and provides a link. Clicking there, however, takes you to a post on As Maine Goes, the conservative online forum.

Here's a screencap with the link selected:

The actual Maine GOP website does not have a release posted on the subject.

Go Fish?

As Maine Goes editor and Maine Heritage Policy Center board member Scott Fish emerged from his secret lair this week to attend a public meeting on wind power.

Snowe-Mello on Loss

The AMG thread I mentioned earlier has devolved to the point that a GOP state committee member is now ranting about how the Freemasons and the Illuminati are plotting to create a world government (about par for the course for AMG).

Before things got completely out of hand, Republican Senator Lois Snowe-Mello stopped by to write a stream-of-consciousness post about her recent loss. Click "read more" below to read a good chunk of it. Here's one part I found particularly interesting (the illustration is mine):

Tell me why did Mike Vaughan not get elected? It certainly was not the puppy mill thing. He and I worked against Socialized Health Care and Health Ins.and we opposed Ld.2247 and fought against its passage. WE also collected signatures to repeal this new tax that funded Dirigo. Maine People's Alliance made it there mission to get rid of us. The Maine People's Alliance worked against both Mike and I. They called and went door to door passing out literature against us. We need a Republican Organization like that far left group to counter them every step of the way. Isn't it odd that the folks who worked to get Referendum one on the ballot lost our races? That includes Senator Paula Benoit?

Nice job MPA.

The group recently sent an email to their membership with these striking statistics about their electoral efforts:

76,664 doors knocked
132,487 phone calls made
57,026 personal conversations with voters
45,303 pieces of literature left at doorsteps
226,485 mail pieces sent
18,139 signatures collected
2,340 new MPA members recruited

They also report having registered 4,000 new voters. Read more »


If you enjoy Maine GOP squabbling, you'll love this.