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Al Brewer

Big Talk: Clean Elections

Suzanne and Al discuss Maine's Clean Elections system with Andrew Bossie, executive director of Maine Citizens for Clean Elections.

Last week, Maine's Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee voted along party lines to strip out the matching funds provision of the Maine Clean Election Act without replacing it with one of several proposed alternative provisions, virtually gutting the act.

You can sign an MPA petition in favor of clean elections in Maine here.

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Big Talk: Election Aftermath

Big Talk host Al Brewer and I discuss the results of Tuesday's election, with a focus on the Portland mayoral race and Question One on the statewide ballot.

For the poll numbers we discuss, see these posts over at Down East.

For the full results of the mayoral race, including the IRV rounds, see this detailed spreadsheet courtesy of Jack Woods.

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Big Talk: Occupy Maine

Here's a Big Talk show from two weeks ago that I'm just putting online now. Election season seems to have put me into quite the blogging debt. Let's see if I can climb out of it.

Big Talks hosts Suzanne Murphy and Al Brewer welcome into the WMPG studios members from Occupy Maine. Six protestors shared stories and reasoning behind why they are staking out in downtown Portland. We hear from Travis, Sarah, Jake, Holly, Shane and Jen.

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Big Talk: Eli Pariser

This week on Big Talk, hosts Suzanne Murphy and Al Brewer have a discussion with Eli Pariser about his new book The Filter Bubble: what the Internet is hiding from you.

Eli Pariser is an online organizer and disorganizer, the former Executive Director of MoveOn and now the board president.

Shortly after the September 11th terror attacks, Eli created a website calling for a multilateral approach to fighting terrorism. In the following weeks, over half a million people from 192 countries signed on, and Eli rather unexpectedly became an online organizer.

The website merged with MoveOn.org in November of 2001, and Eli - then 20 years old - joined the group to direct its foreign policy campaigns. He led what the New York Times Magazine called the “mainstream arm of the peace movement” - tripling MoveOn’s member base in the process, demonstrating for the first time that large numbers of small donations could be mobilized through online engagement, and developing many of the practices that are now standard in the field of online organizing.

Eli grew up in Lincolnville, Maine. You can watch his TED talk here.

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Big Talk: Young Mainers' Issues

This week on Big Talk, hosts Al Brewer and Steven Emmons speak with Alex Steed. Alex wears many different hats, including serving as Director of Community Engagement for Opportunity Maine and on the steering committee of The League of Young Voters.

The discussion begins with a look at repealing the new legislative law to end same day voter registration, then a look at the military and same Sex Marriage, some of the issues of interest to young voters. Finally they explore the upcoming Portland mayoral election.

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Big Talk: Catching Up

I'm way behind on blogging, mostly because of the voting rights People's Veto campaign. If you haven't already, view the video of the launch press conference and sign up to collect signatures at protectmainevotes.com.

My apologies especially for being so late in posting last week's podcast of Big Talk, WMPG's public affairs program.

Last week, Big Talk continued it's month long focus on what's happening in the Maine legislature. Hosts Al Brewer and Suzanne Murphy spoke with Sarah Standiford, Executive  Director of the Maine Women's Lobby and Alec Maybarduk, Political Coordinator for the Maine State Employees Association.

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Big Talk: Maine's Budget

This week on Big Talk hosts Al Brewer and Suzanne Murphy take a look at all the hubbub in politics in Augusta as well as in New York City. First they go over the newly released Maine State budget and what was included and what didn't make the final cut. Then, they take a look at NYC Rep. Anthony Weiner who is embroiled in sexting and inappropriate sexual conduct. Al and Suzanne discuss the political reasons for his resignation.

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Big Talk: Legislative Update

I was on as a guest on WMPG's Big Talk this week, hosted by Al Brewer, along with journalist and author Colin Woodard, who discussed his recent work investigating the DeCoster Bill.

We also dicussed the policy (terrible) and process (almost as terrible) of he health care insurance industry deregulation bill, as well as the push to repeal same-day voter registration, which will be debated in the coming week.

Colin had some great insights, as did Portland Representative Ben Chipman, who called in to the program to discuss the voting rights bill.

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Podcast: An Empty Cabinet

This week on Big Talk, I joined hosts Al Brewer and Suzanne Murphy to discuss the week's politics. At the top of the list, obviously, was the resignations of commissioners Congdon and Brown.

Since my first posts on the issue yesterday at Down East, a great deal more has emerged about the reasons for and the process behind Congdon's resignation as head of the DECD. Last night's MPBN broadcast and this morning's Bangor Daily News, Sun Journal and Maine Today newspapers' stories on the subject have explained what happened during Congdon's trip to Aroostook County and how it led to his firing.

Governor LePage, however, has still refused to specifically condemn Congdon's remarks or to discuss the matter in detail, despite calls for him to do so today from the NAACP, Maine's tribes, and House Democratic Leader Emily Cain.

Also discussed on the show: the Senate District 7 race, the vote on the Informed Growth Act (scheduled for today, but now postponed) and Republican legislators' attempts to limit access to birth control and abortion services.

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